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Build a direct communication channel
Know more about your consumers
Optimize operational costs

What we offer:

A Turnkey Cloud-Based Connected Car Platform including all necessary parts:
  • A Special toolkit and web portal to customize a mobile application
  • More than 40+ ready-to-use services
  • Integration with your IT systems of any type
  • Integration with car firmware

The advanced services for you:
Big Data Analytics

Analyze the consumer data and behavior to build long-term relationships with customers, improve service marketing, and so much more.

Marketing Improvement

Communicate with your consumers through news, special offers, and push notifications.
Quickly manage different types of requests/leads (maintenance, test drive, etc.)

Our intelligent connected car platform:

White label mobile application
Scalable platform to build your brand on, and remain the company your consumers trust.

Fastest time to market
Connected car services in less than 3 weeks.

Microsoft Azure
Connected Car Program based on Microsoft Azure.

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