REMOTO    /    Cloud-Based Connected Car Platform

Dealer groups / Dealers

Optimize inventory management
Loaner location
Test drive and fleet management

What we offer:

Quick launch of ready-to-use telematics services without any development

Service retention
20% increase since
first visit
x2 boost comparing
to typical profile
x3 boost at the tail
of retention graph
Service Visits 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Remoto Installed 84% 64% 43% 18% 11% 6%
STypical Customer 70% 43% 24% 9% 4% 2%
* percent of customers returned to service maintenance

Analysis of the car data (mileage, hard accelerations, heavy breaking) and app data. Remoto can invite consumers to service maintenance at the right time.

How about improving marketing?

Based on the driver’s behaviour, you can make personalized special offers or send important push notifications when needed.

Do you know the more test drives you arrange the more cars you sell?

Consumer can also plan test drives of a car within the application in just a few clicks, avoiding long-lasting calls to the dealer.

Inventory Management
Be aware of the exact location of each of your vehicles. Just imagine how much more efficient your operation will be, saving time on finding the right vehicle at the right lot.
What's more, you will also know the battery health of each car and be ready to change the battery in advance.

Loaner location
Locate and monitor mileage on loaners. Track of all your loaners. Receive alerts when specific vehicles enter and exit pre-set geo regions
Fleet Management
Basic fleet services for Small and Medium Businesses. - track and recover vehicles - fuel efficiency - reduce road accidents

Advertising and Marketing
Integrate DMS/CRM so appointments can be created “automagically”.

The advanced services for you:
  • Out-of-the-box integration services
  • Simplicity and speed in integrating connected car services to your business
  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with many car brands
  • Quick start (2 weeks for project launch)

Our intelligent connected car platform:

White label mobile application
Scalable platform to build your brand on, and remain the company your consumers trust.

Fastest time to market
Connected Car services in less than 2 weeks.

Microsoft Azure
Connected Car Program based on Microsoft Azure.

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