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Car sharing

Already powering 3000+ cars

The Remoto Car Sharing service is designed to provide foundational solutions to easily manage the vehicle’s park.
We deliver reliable solutions to your business that is related to short-term car rental or we introduce automation to your existing car rental business.

What we offer:

High quality Telematics Control Unit and a sustainable IT platform proven by many OEMs and Regional HQ
  • Personalized hardware (TCU & OBD)
  • A Sustainable IT platform based on Microsoft Azure
  • Pin-to-pin technology
  • High cybersecurity standards
  • Integration with various business platforms through API
  • A standard SDK for web portal and mobile app could be developed
  • Multilanguage technical support 24/7
  • A basic billing platform could be made available

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We use an individualized approach to implement the solution, focusing on consumers’ request.

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