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22 December 2017 Zurich Insurance acquires Hong Kong’s Bright Box Zurich Insurance is acquiring a Hong-Kong based car communications specialist in a move allowing it to boost its digital interactions with drivers. 31 October 2017 Artificial Intelligence system could ‘replace sales staff in car dealerships’ An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that could “replace sales staff in car dealerships” has been released. 20 October 2017 Connected Car Vendor Bright Box Delivers AI-First Based System for OEMs and Dealerships Bright Box, a global vendor of connected car services, has recently released Honda Connected Car services for European countries, 23 June 2017 Honda brings AI to the Connected Car Bright Box has been focusing on the connected car for the past five years. Two years ago it started a collaboration with 13 June 2017 Top 5 Vendors in the Automotive Connected Car Platform Market From 2017 to 2021: Technavio Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global automotive connected car platform market report. 21 April 2017 Connected car Firm Bright Box Expands Into Europe Bright Box, a global vendor of so-called connected vehicle services, announced a major expansion on April 11, saying it has 29 March 2017 Bright Box appoints managing director for Dubai Bright Box, a global vendor of connected vehicle services, has appointed Ismail Makhlouf as the managing director of its office in Dubai, UAE. 16 March 2017 Paving the Way for a Smarter, Safer Future of Autonomous Vehicles “The winner will be the company who achieves a working system with a minimum number of sensors and provides tech for volume OEMs,” says Bright Box CTO Alexander Dimchenko. 27 February 2017 A year after Jasper acquisition Cisco expands the platform Just over a year ago Cisco bought Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion, and with that transaction, created the company’s 26 January 2017 Bright Box - カードライバーのプラットフォーム iTunesがレコードメーカーを横断したプラットフォームを作ってから、世間はその消費者行動データの価値に気づいた。今や、どの業界のメーカーもB2Cプラットフォームを作りたがる時代である。かつてのように、少しだけグレードアップした新製品を売り続けるだけが、消費者との関係構築の手法ではない。同じ製品でも長く使ってくれる方がいい。 13 December 2016 Bright Box selected as the provider of remote car management services for Genesis G90 Bright Box, an international supplier of Connected Car, a remote car management system, announces the availability of its “Genesis Connect” product for Genesis G90. 07 November 2016 Dubai Police and Nissan partner to launch “smart response” Nissan Middle East and Dubai police have signed a collaboration agreement to launch and implement a new road safety technology service named “Smart Response”
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