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18 August 2016
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Remoto, the connected-car platform, will be exhibited at CHEYUN NET FORUM in Shanghai
Remoto, the connected-car platform, will be exhibited at CHEYUN NET FORUM in Shanghai

The European company Bright Box will present its a global connected-car solution, which comprises all the components an automobile manufacturer needs: a certified TCU (Telematic Control Unit) to be installed in the vehicle, a web-based control panel, and a customer app for the vehicle's owner to control and track it remotely. Remoto is a goldmine of data for car manufacturers and others. China is one of the fastest-growing markets for telematics and services pertaining to connected cars. At its booth, Bright Box will present remote car control in action: Visitors will be able to take control of a Remoto connected car that will be located in one of the European capitals.

Remoto comes with all the necessary components: a certified telematics control unit to install in your vehicle, a web-based control panel, which allows the manufacturer to monitor the condition of the car and obtain information about it, as well as a custom application for the vehicle owner. The latter will allow the user to control the vehicle remotely and turn on the air conditioner using the remote control function found in the smartphone app without having to actually go to your vehicle or track its location.

Remoto has already been successfully deployed by several automakers, including Infiniti, KIA, and Nissan. The "connected car" platform from bright box is in trial operation by many vehicle manufacturers around the world, from Europe to Asia. In Europe the Remoto servers are located in Amsterdam and run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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