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24 November 2017
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Bright Box To Showcase AI First Connected Cars platform Remoto at World’s Leading Auto-Tech Conference, AutoMobility, in Los Angeles
Bright Box To Showcase AI First Connected Cars platform Remoto at World’s Leading Auto-Tech Conference, AutoMobility, in Los Angeles

From November 27–30 at the World’s Leading Auto-Tech Conference, AutoMobility, participants will be able to see the latest development by the European company Bright Box: the Artificial Intelligent First Connected Car Platform – Remoto AI. At Microsoft Booth No. 138, attendees will be given the chance to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence is transforming automotive industry and how AI can help to sell more cars, spare parts, increase overall customer retention rate and dramatically improve communication with OEMs, NSC, and large dealership groups customers.

Recently Bright Box presented an AI system that could replace salesmen in car dealerships. This AI can evaluate the customer's lifestyle and recommend accessories, can sell cars based on driving style and the individual’s lifestyle. Not only that it is able to predict when the user needs to go in for a service from the data generated from the telematics control unit or OBD dongle. The new system is based on work that Bright Box has done with the processing of 90 terabytes of data from connected car users from various countries.

Bright Box leverages anAzure Data Lake, in which the terabytes of data gathered from cars are stored in a structured fashion. Upsell forecasts are based on the data from Telematics (mileage, GPS, speed, RPM), as well as from CRM, DMS or ERP systems (customer ID, date of the transaction, breakdowns by work/materials). It can bring insights to light based on this data. For example, Bright Box can calculate 160 insights that we consider important: the portion of driving time spent at speeds of over 80 mph, how frequently the driver steps on the gas, where they go most frequently in an urban setting or in the country, passenger doors opening, high RPM etc. Data is constantly being accumulated and analyzed from all available sources. For every user, Bright Box has a certain number of indicators that characterize only that user. Driving style and vehicle usage pattern data is assessed, and from that, the data can better inform what products should be touted, such as accessories or services.

A demonstration of the Artificial Intelligent Connected Vehicle Solution will be conducted from the Microsoft booth No. 138 in LA. AutoMobility, the industry’s first trade show converging the technology and automotive industries to launch new products and technologies and to discuss the most pressing issues surrounding the future of transportation and mobilityб will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center Nov. 27-30, with manufacturer vehicle debuts intermixed. AutoMobility LA is where the new auto industry gets business done, unveils groundbreaking new products and makes strategic announcements in front of media and industry professionals from around the globe.

Booth #138
Los Angeles Convention Center

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