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16 August 2016
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Bright box to present at the 10th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform: IoT Malaysia
Bright box to present at the 10th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform: IoT Malaysia

At the 10th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform: IoT Malaysia conference 2016 in Kuala Lumpur new product Remoto WiFi and stable solution Remoto will be showcased by expert team of bright box company. The platform will allow attendees to control a KIA Optima in Moscow with a demo installation of Remoto from a smartphone. Each visitor will be able to switch on the ignition, open the doors or turn on the heating using the application.

Bright box will present Remoto, a global connected car solution that comprises all components that an automobile manufacturer needs: a certified Telematic Control Unit (TCU) to be installed in the vehicles, a web-based control panel and a customer app for the vehicle's owner to control and track it remotely. At the Asia IoT Business Platform conference 2016 in Kuala Lumpur bright box will present new solution for MNO too. Connected cars are part of the new IoT market. A huge growth point for mobile network operators. Remoto WiFi is a gadget for car owners that provides any car with fast WiFi Internet, music services, and the opportunity to interact with the vehicle remotely using a special app for Android or iPhone.

Remoto comes with all the necessary components: a certified telematics control unit to install in your vehicle, a web-based control panel, which allows the manufacturer to monitor the condition of the car and obtain information about it, as well as a custom application for the vehicle owner. The latter will allow the user to control the vehicle remotely and turn on the air conditioner using the remote control function found in the smartphone app without having to actually go to your vehicle or track its location.

Remoto has already been successfully deployed by several automakers, including Infiniti, KIA, and Nissan. The "connected car" platform from bright box is in trial operation by many vehicle manufacturers around the world, from Europe to Asia. In Europe the Remoto servers are located in Amsterdam and run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Malaysia is aiming to be the Premier Regional IoT Development Hub: in July 2015, it launched its National IoT Strategic Roadmap. IoT implementation is expected to contribute RM9.5 billion (US$ 2.5 billion) to the country’s Gross National Income (GNI) by the year 2020 and RM42.5 billion (US$ 11.166 billion) by 2025.

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