Bright Box Joins the Panel of Leading Automotive Experts at the Telematics ASEAN Summit 2017 to Discuss the Connected Vehicle and Future Mobility

Bright Box, a global vendor of connected vehicle services, will participate in the Telematics ASEAN Summit 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand on December 7-8. During the two-day event, the company will demonstrate the Artificial Intelligent First Connected Car Platform – Remoto AI that can help sell more cars, spare parts, increase the overall customer retention rate and dramatically improve communication with OEMs, NSC, and large dealership groups’ customers, and participate in a panel discussion about the Connected Vehicle and Future Mobility.

Bright Box recently presented an AI system that could replace salesmen in car dealerships. This AI can evaluate the customer's lifestyle and recommend accessories and sell cars based on driving style and the individual’s lifestyle. Not only that, from data generated from the telematics control unit or OBD dongle, it is able to predict when the user needs to go in for a service. The new system is based on work that Bright Box has done with the processing of 90 terabytes of data from connected car users from various countries.

The Telematics ASEAN Summit 2017, featuring leading automakers and the relevant players across the region, is dedicated to the service of telematics and the connected car industry and redefines the way you do business. Bright Box’s Vice President of Sales in Europe, Robert Schuessler, will participate in a panel discussion about the Connected Vehicles & Future Mobility.

What: “Connected Vehicles & Future Mobility”
When: Thursday, December 7th
Moderator: Markus Pfefferer, Managing Director-Asia Pacific, Ducker Worldwide
Panelist 1: Mr. Manish Malhotra, VP Automotive Accessories and Electronics Department, Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific (PTE) Ltd
Panelist 2: David Henderson, CEO of DRVR
Panelist 3: Morten Gregersen, Business Development Director Asia, Scope Technology
Panelist 4: Robert Schuessler, Vice President, Europe, Bright Box