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13 September 2016
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Bright Box Introduces Software And Big Data Management Solution for Automobiles at Telematics India
Bright Box Introduces Software And Big Data Management Solution for Automobiles at Telematics India

A European vendor of connected-vehicle service delivery announced the launch of its latest product offering, called Software & Data Management, on September 21st and 22nd at Telematics India 2016. 

Bright Box provides predictive analytics based on data from CRM, mobile applications, social networks and connected cars. Participants will be able to see the latest development by the European company Bright Box: the Remoto connected car platform and Software And Data Management Solution for Automotive.

Both manufacturers and their customers benefit from Remoto. With the connected-car platform, car manufacturers acquire the data about their customers and their vehicles, such information being needed for predictive (and very interesting) big-data analysis, while car owners benefit from the remote-control app, which lets them remotely lock or unlock their vehicles, control cooling and even instantly send a message if the car is involved in a collision. Furthermore, the user can easily locate his or her vehicle with the touch of a button, making it an ideal theft deterrent and security feature.
Attendees will give the chance to control the functions of cars located in Dubai, Shanghai and Moscow using an app. Bright Box presents Remoto, a global connected-car solution comprising all the components an automobile manufacturer needs: a certified Telematic Control Unit (TCU) to be installed in the vehicle, a web-based control panel, and a customer app for the vehicle's owner to control and track it remotely. Using the application, each visitor will be able to switch on the ignition, open the doors or turn on the heating of the car located in Dubai, Shanghai and Moscow. 

"All of the connected cars generate a huge amount of data that must be stored and analyzed. According to Bright Box experience, each car generates an average of about 30 to 50 megabytes per month. If multiply that by the number of cars and the number of months it will be in service, there will be a huge volume—many terabytes—of data to be stored, backed up and distributed regionally in accordance with the regulatory requirements. Bright Box undertakes the collection, processing and aggregation of data," said CTO Alexander Dimchenko.

Remoto has already been successfully deployed by several automakers, including Infiniti, KIA, and Nissan. The "connected car" platform from bright box is in trial operation by many vehicle manufacturers around the world, from Europe through the Middle East to Asia. Previously, the platform was presented at Connected Car exhibitions in Amterdam, TU-Automotive in Berlin, Connected Vehicles in Shanghai, and the Frankfurt Motor Show. In Europe the Remoto servers are located in Amsterdam and run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Telematics India is the largest and most sought after B2B2C platform to discuss the relevant trends that guide the next wave of automotive industry. Telematics India is going to address topics like Connected Cars, In-car Infotainment, Fuel Management, Commercial Fleet Telematics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), UBI, Driver Behavior Management, Vehicle Tracking & On-board navigation and many more. 

Hotel Park Plaza, Bengaluru, India
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