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Web portal

The Remoto Web Portal is a user-friendly control panel designed to analyze consumer data and behavior to leverage the sales activities, get comprehensive customer satisfaction reports, engage new customers. and improve the loyalty of existing ones.
Get predictive data of the next service visit to push targeted promotions at the right time.
Optimize the content in the application to improve
consumer communication and increase spare
parts sales.
Features available in the portal:
Publication of latest news and customized marketing campaigns
Direct communication channel with consumer
Option to request support and information from customers through the use of the application
Publication of dealer’s information
Access to mileage of each car
Remote diagnostics
Real-time information about service men in application
Report of requests, registrations, and other data of car owners
Integration of DMS to manage any requests and sales/aftersales marketing processes
Roadside assistance settings management
Online car and accessories catalog
Live chat with customers
Management of customers’ enquiries
Big data analytics
Remoto Data Lake
Empower your business today with artificial intelligence!
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