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  • What are Cookies?

    Cookies is a small piece of data sent from a website to the user's computer and then stored by the user's web browser on the user’s computer while the users browsers the website.

  • Management of cookies and types of Cookies

    The types or categories of Cookies our website uses is the following:

    • • absolutely necessary cookies;
    • • functionality cookies;
    • • performance and analytical cookies;
    • • third party cookies;
    • • social network cookies;

    Absolutely necessary cookies

    Our website uses absolutely necessary cookies which does not require your consent. This type of cookies can not be de-activated via the “Privacy settings” on the website, however, you can switch them off in your browser whenever you want. Please, bear in mind that de-activation absolutely necessary cookies may affect the website functionality.

    Third party cookies

    The third party may provide content on various sections of our website. This type of cookies is called “Third party cookies”. To provide content the vendors or third party must also comply with applicable data protection and privacy legislation. Furthermore, we work with third parties to ensure that only necessary information is provided which you have chosen.

    Functionality cookies

    Cookies on functionality are used identify your preferences and customize the website upon them. For these purposes we may collect the following information:

    • • pages opened;
    • • topics or rubrics opened;

    Analytical and performance cookies

    Analytical and performance cookies collect information about how you use our website. This type of cookies is to provide the efficiency of the website its usability and user-friendliness. If you disable them we are not able to customize and develop website upon your preferences. For the purposes of performance analyses we collect the following type of information:

    • • session duration;
    • • page views;
    • • traffic source;
    • • browser;
    • • device;
    • • IP address;
    • • actions taken (e.g. PDF downloads clicks, form submissions)

    Moreover, by saving such types of cookies as sharing our content on particular social media or transfer from particular social network to our web site we can analyze your preferences and adjust our social media platforms to you.

    Social network cookies

    Social network cookies allow you to share your work on social media on your website. We do not control these cookies, however they are crucial for social media integration, statistics and customization. Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc.. Google Analytics uses so-called "cookies" allowing you to analyze the usage of your website. The information generated by cookies about the use of the website may be transferred to a Google server from the US and stored there.

    More thorough information about Google Analytics and data protection (inter alia management of the information sent or to be sent to Google) you can find here.

    We may process some information regarding shares on social media when you make it through the social media tools on our website.

  • Why do we use cookies?

    The "cookies" enable the webserver to respond appropriately on your web browser repeated requests an access because your web browser contains data linking the latter with the webserver. Cookies are to provide user-friendly services because they store previous user’s preferences.

    You can customize cookies, delete or refuse all cookies at any time in the settings of your browser. You can find the relevant information in the help functions of your browser. However, this can also lead to the fact that you will no longer be able to access certain functions.

    For more information regarding the Cookies management please refer the settings of the browsers:
    Cookies on the Edge - Edge;
    Cookies settings in Opera - Opera;
    Cookie settings in Safari - Safari;
    Cookie settings in Firefox - Firefox;
    Cookies in Chrome - Chrome;
    Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

  • Cookies’ life

    The cookies are stored depending the webserver setting, therefore, their storing period may vary. The cookies may be stored either for session period or permamently. However, you can easily delete cookies in the web browser setting.

  • 5. When you use the Internet, specific information will be automatically transmitted from your Internet browser and stored by us in so-called log files (Logging).

    The log files are saved for malfunctions’ identification and for safety reasons for a short period time. If a further retention of log files is required for evidence purposes, these logs will be exempted from deletion until the incident investigation completion.

    The following data, may be stored in the log files of the source of access:

    • • IP address (Internet protocol address) of the end device which was the tool to online access;
    • • Operating system and information on the Internet browser used, including add-ons (e.g. for the flash player);
    • • Volume of transferred data;
    • • Internet address of the website (or URL);
    • • Name of the service provider;
    • • Name of the retrieved files or information;
    • • Date, time and duration of the access;
    • • http status code.

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