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remote car control

Customer can perform the following operations with a vehicle remotely (using Mobile App):

Remote car control

ls location services

Vehicle location on the map

System provides the following geo-services:

  • Car location on the map

  • Timeline for history of trips

Car location

Car location

Trip Analysis

Trip Analysis

Timeline for journeys is displayed as a set of stories (trips, parking, other events such as bumps, towing etc.) sorted by time of event in descending mode.

Trip history in the mobile app

dsc Driving Style Scoring

Remoto provides the clear understanding of driver behavior.

Car owner can review the scores for the week, day or get summary scores for whole period of the driving, since the moment of the vehicle registration in the Platform.

Driving Style Scoring
Driving Style Scoring

sai Smartphone as I-Key

Smartphone is a key! Cheaper and more secure. Car owner can use the smartphone with the App installed in order to get an access to the vehicle

ra Road Assistance / eCall / bCall / SVT

Remoto keeps the customer safe and confident. Remoto platform can automatically send help in case of accident. Or car owner can call road assistance Service Provider directly from the app.

vr Vehicle Health-check report

Car owner can itself make the diagnostics report right in the app.

Driving Style Scoring

sr Service reminders

Artificial Intelligence engine can make predictions of the next service visit based on the behaviour of the driver.

Service reminders

dc Dealership Communication

All dealership services in consumer pocket. There are a lot of options to contact dealerships such as chats, phone call, feedback form, call back request.

Driving Style Scoring

ga gamification


Save fuel

tracks fuel consumption and makes recommendations

Driving safety

helps to achieve more safely driving style through measurable indicators

Brand Loyalty

helps to explore more features of the car, and be awarded to the advanced usage

Individual and social achievements

User Experience

Missing badges

Progressive scale

Sharing Experience

Achievements have visual representation for sharing on social medias

acs Additional consumer services

User’s manual

User’s manual

User can check the penalties directly through the app.

Gas stations

Out of petrol?
Remoto will find you the nearest gas station.

Gas stations
Wifi hotspot

Wifi hotspot

Be always connected.

Mobile payments

No need to visit dealerships to make payments for dealership services

  • Receipt is emailed to the client and to dealership employees, can be integrated with CRM
  • Phone number validation for one-click payments next time
Mobile payments
Wifi hotspot

Loyalty program

Bonuses and events gamification for user onboarding

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